Watch Out for Baruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto: Nartuto Next Generations has been released for less than a month. As far as the fans concerned, they were so impressed about the anime. Since its premiere night, the sequel series has picked up the period where Naruto: Shippuden left behind. This new anime has introduced to fans using a location of Konoha, something that is different from the original episodes. Main characters such as Naruto and Sakura indeed play a role in Boruto. The new series focused only on revealing the titular story of the hero Boruto Uzumaki who grows up in a peaceful community. Fans are excited to see the old character make a cameo.

It is known to release in April of this year after the first Naruto episode ended. The last series ran between 2007 and 2017, creating 500 episodes before it was finished. This anime acted as the sequel to the 1st Naruto anime. Also, Boruto is not the only anime sequel in the industry to earn a quick cash. A lot of sequels and spinoffs are created in the anime films and not all of them became successful. Anime films such as Dragon Ball GT and Soult Eater Not have been criticized for their poor quality production but Boruto seems like an ideal one for the fans.

As a matter of fact, Boruto anime are receiving good compliments from fans for its consistency. The film has been busy creating new roles and establishing relationships between its main characters.  Boruto has able to balance the fighting scenes with adult drama as Boruto who became fully mature and reaches puberty. According to the fans, the film was totally different from the old Naruto character that we can see from the previous original episodes. Now, the film is getting its first big plot in the anime industry.

Latest Episodes

The new episode of Boruto featured a titular hero who pleads for his family to be aware that there is something special about him. The fans have caught their attention to the ninja actions of Baruto that occurs in the film every time. Boruto has emphasizes that the power will also play into the story.

Boruto asks help from his Hyuga family to no avail, but no one can seem to stop Boruto. He is ready to find out what his unique powers are and his ninja capabilities. As a matter of fact, fans admit that they’re loving the anime and this is something that caught their attention and interest.