Hoshiiro Girldrop Announces Anime Adaptation Coming in October 2017

It has previously announced that the Bukubu Okawa’s romantic web manga Hoshiiro Girldrop series will be receiving an anime adaptation this year in October. On April 1, 2017, this announcement was aired through a video teaser that also includes the naming of some character information on its official website. A day after, it was disclosed that it was eventually a trick for an April fool’s day.

However, from the official website of Hoshiro anime and twitter post, they have been able to publish the character profiles.

Characters of the Anime

This manga story focus on a high school student named Daicha Taira who is able to reconciled with his childhood friend named Sosogu Hoshifuri after being apart for 5 years which happens to be an international idol along with his fiancé.


The main characters are announced for Pop Team Epic that includes Popoku, a short 14-year-old girl and Pipimi who is tall and with the same age as Popoku.

The original creation of Bukubu Owaka entitled Pop Team Epic has been published in Takeshobo’s Manga Life Win since 2014. More details about this anime have not been released yet.

Hoshiiro Girldrop Synopsis

The story of this anime focuses with Daichi Tara who is a spiritless high school student reunited with his childhood friend named Sosogu Hoshifuri, one of the famous popular idol in Drop Stars group. After the 5 years of separation, she was able to find Daichi who is living with his family and insisting on being his fiancé. The story goes along when Daichi completely cannot recognize Sosogu and not able to remember their childhood promises for each other.

Pop Team Epic


The announcement has something to do with Okawa’s oddball 4 panel web manga, Pop Team Epic. Okawa has been a great author in the past and was able to prove himself with his works. Fans are very much excited to see is upcoming anime adaptation to release as soon as possible.



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